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Mother Hips
by Mother Hips
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Mother Hips
by Mother Hips
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disc 1 1.Mission in vain 2.White headphones 3.Singing seems ease me 4.3rd floor story 5.wicked tree 6.time we had 7.stoned up the road 8.collecting some nerve 9.magazine in the city 11.Stephanie's for l.a. 12.grizzly bear this bliss 14.del mar station disc 2 1.colonized 2.transit wind 3.poison oak encore: plated 5.desert song 6.let somebody 7.small axe 8.hey Emilie
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Topics: live concert, tim bluhm, mother hips, great american music hall, gamh, holiday shows
Source: SBD
by Ween
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[CD1] 01. Dancing In the Show Tonite 02. Take Me Away 03. The Grobe 04. Don't Get To Close (To My Fantasy) 05. Mr. Richard Smoker 06. Waving My Dick In The Wind 07. Voodoo Lady 08. Happy Colored Marbles 09. Bananas And Blow 10. Buckingham Green 11. The Argus 12. Doctor Rock 13. Stroker Ace 14. Zoloft 15. Exactly Where I'm At 16. Mutilated Lips 17. Roses Are Free [CD2] 18. The Mollusk 19. Fat Lenny 20. Johnny On The Spot 21. Ocean Man 22. You Fucked Up 23. Pandy Fackler 24. Booze Me Up 25. Touch...
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Topics: Live concert, Brown